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Default Re: Double layered tutu

Originally Posted by mum2tianna View Post
lol I tried last night, my two layer didn't turn out very two layerish...I'll have to try again.
i'm going to be trying mine today.. we'll see how it goes! hopefully well lol.

Originally Posted by lilmisstutu View Post
All of my tutus are triple layered. You can mix the colors or each layer can be a color.

Start by knotting your first layer as low as you possibly can on the elastic without the knot being on the inside. Then you made the next layer in the middle of the elastic (in between the bottom layer knots) Then I add a third layer towards the top of the elastic. Again you knot in between the previous layer. You do not have to turn it upside down or anything. You just layer it.
wow, your tutus are GORGEOUS!! what size elastic do you use? i normally use 1/2", but i donn't know if that would be wide enough to do something like this? so do you knot beside the first layer knots but just angled differently or within the first knots? i kind of think i know what you're talking about though..

on a different note, does anyone sell their double or triple layer tutus? how do you price them? like twice as much as regular tutus? i'm new to all of this kind of stuff but i'm going to a craft show in a few weeks and plan on hopefully making some multilayer tutus to sell...
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