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Default Question about bottlecaps

Hi I'm new to these forums and have been lurking here for a few weeks. Thought it was time to say hi and ask my own question.
So here goes... My Mom bought my DD a bottlecap necklace and bottle cap at Claire's store. I looked at it and thought well I can make that, and since I'm a digital scrapbook kit designer...I can make any image she would want. So I got out my Xyron sticker machine, made the graphics, printed them and made them into stickers. Then put them inside the bottle cap. Done! Well anyways that is how the ones that my mom bought are done. It is just a sticker stuck in the bottle cap. No resin or anything covering it. Now these images are on the inside of the bottle cap, so they are "sunk" inside of it. Is this ok? Some other Mom's are wanting to buy them from me, and I know the ones they currently have are just like my DD's. But I am confused since I'm reading all of these threads about using mod podge and et lite, ect...
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