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Default Re: For those whose twisted boutique bows fold in on themselves

Originally Posted by my2girlies2029 View Post
Ok, let me see if I got this right... You have to put the needle through the crease and then just wrap in the back and go through the crease again (with needle)?

Is that what you mean? This is so confusing. I always wrap around the whole middle/crease 2 times. That might be what I am doing wrong?
Well, I don't have her instructions so I was going by my own experience and I use a GatorBite and floss. I don't use needle and thread to tie off. I just wrap floss around the bow with the GB and then tie off. I used to wrap the floss and pull it up the front and tie towards the front. That's where I was having problems with it flopping up, curling upwards. Now I pull the floss towards the back and tie it off in the back. Hope that makes it a little clearer. I have tried needle and thread and never liked it. Just my personal style.

Also, I really love my Gator Bite. It has teeth and it really helps to grip the ribbon to help with the crease. I promise I don't work for them. I think it might make a difference too. I have never used anything else like the Sally's clip.

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