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Default E6000 - Screw on tip - you can actually use and REuse it!

I know there were questions about the long neat tip which is supplied when you buy the carded E6000 glue. - I know it's a long-winded post LOLOL but PLEASE bear with me and there are pics at the end -

I've borrowed a handyman's trick from my hubby (he's using this method to re-seal his caulk tubes):
You use what's called a "Wirenut"! You have probably seen small ones when you buy any electrical fixture like lights etc. You use them (supposed to anyways LOL) to kinda twist together two wires and then you thread this wirenut onto the wire-ends.
Now, cheapies are all plastic - they won't work. If you go to your local WallyWorld or other store and check in the hardware section, look for the little baggies with the YELLOW size - they fit about right - and kinda twist and look on the inside of these nuts - the "better" ones have metal threads.
You snip the tip of the clear pointy tip that comes with the E6000 (oh, do this BEFORE you screw it onto the glue-tube tube LOL) and then you thread the wirenut onto it. It's metal so it will kinda create a threaded end on the plastic - and it's metal so it won't stick too easily to the tip once you retighten it after gluing stuffs
If it gets a little plugged, use a needle and open the tip up (I'd advice against using a toothpick, because those might break and will permanently seal your tip guess how I know this? )
I tried to take pics - that might make more sense.

Hope this helps someone a bit - I know it helps me!!


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