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Default Re: Scarves with Ribbon

Ok my pictures are really cruddy it wasnt hard to do though. It looks nice on. AND I ran out of the ribbon I was using to tie with so its not all tied. I said I would post one though so here is what I did. I also didnt have a variety of different fancy yarns. I still love it. I will have to get my hubby to take better pics for me!

So 1st i measured out how long i wanted it. I put all the pieces over my door (wipe the door first!) so they were even lengths on each side. I used a 4 pattern (separate into 4 sections). I tied them off with craft thread at the middle and then every 10 inches. then i went back and used a clean elastic tie to secure them. Then I went back separated the the middle of each 10 inch section at 5 inches making 8 sections. (my door was covered in push pins) I skipped the first, tied the second and third together, 4th and 5th, 6th and 7th, and left the 8th. Continue with this patter through the rest of the scarf. Then I tied knots in the ends of the yard I knew would ravel.
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