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Default Re: Got a question bout bottle cap images

Okay, so here's the thing...

Are you violating copyright by using images you didn't make?

The short answer is yes. After a quick search on etsy for bottlecap images, here are a few people in violation of copyright:

bieber fever
Princess Tionna
Strawberry Shortcake
Hello, Jacob
Vintage Photos

If you did not take the picture yourself, use a royalty free image (you can purchase these on sites like istockphoto, but even then--they usually have limited uses for things like this, or draw it (digitally or by hand) then you are breaking a copyright law by selling those images even though you cleaned them up and made them all awesome for your bottlecap site. (That means if you are just doing a google/bing/flickr search for princess images and then using the best ones--then you didn't make it yourself)

Here's an example of someone who (I think) is not in violation of copyright:
Christmas Images

It would be like if I went in, took pictures off your personal blog, and turned them into bottlecap images--even though I digitally enhanced them or whatever--it would still be your original photo that I used, and it would *technically* be illegal for me to use it and make money off of it without your permission.

That being said--are the Disney/Nickelodeon police going to come knocking at your door and demand payment/throw you in copyright jail?

Yeah... probably not.
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