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Default Re: Any one else in love with glow?

Originally Posted by designsbyamber View Post
The problem with the first one is that the beautiful bride is entirely too washed out. Way overexposed to be using a 'glow'. You wanna capture the details of her beauty, not make her look like she just died and is now an angel leaving for heaven. (sorry for a morbid example).
The second looks good, but it's overdone. A good way to accomplish what you're aiming for is to play with the levels to make sure the shadows and lights look the best they can, then duplicate the layer, and gaussian blur it 1pt. then overlay the blurred layer. IF done to the right picture, it looks uhhhmazing.

I actually do know how to use it in small doses. This bride actually specifically requested this. She thought it looked "heavenly", so I guess she likes the dead angel look! Bahahahaha!

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