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Default Re: How much to charge

Originally Posted by birdsongbows View Post
I agree with the calculation of how to figure out price, but wanted to add that the figure you come up with is the wholesale price. At a store with employees, inventory, other bills to pay, etc., (even an online store with employees) they would double it. So I wouldn't give any "discount," per se. I'd just say I was selling the bows at the wholesale price, and that should make them happy! If you sold the same bow to a store, the customer would pay up to twice what you're charging.

I agree....I would not go any lower than $7.00 for a three layer plain grosgrain bow. If anything at all, I would give them a percentage off of the total price. If you give them money off per bow, you will be cutting yourself short at the end.

Your time and effort that goes into making the bows alone is well worth the $7.00 you would charge and they are getting a deal at that. Maybe give them a 5% discount on the total order price for placing their order with you.
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