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Originally Posted by NYgalinPA View Post
I have them and they are only okay. I make twisted with mine so now I am a bit confused. You dont get any instructions with them just membership to a yahoo group where all the files are. Like another member said, the middle slot is huge so it is hard to center sometimes.
I think I may break down and get the ones from NBNG.
Yes this is the biggest turn off and why I would NOT recommend them! You dont get instructions with them. After a month of going back and forth with Donna, the mods and one of the other angels who offered to help me get into the group, I finally gave up and decided it was $20.00 down the drain! SO frustrating. Even though you pay for them you have to be invited to the group, then approved, and then explain why you want to get it....oh my gosh, I bet I sent them my invoice number 5 times, just to see how to use the product I paid for. SO irritating!!!

I am assuming I got bad service and this isnt normal, but I would not endorse a product that doesnt even tell you how to use it.
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