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Default Re: For those whose twisted boutique bows fold in on themselves

Originally Posted by SandyL View Post
I got this tip on here yesterday from JustDaisy's thread about her new tutorial. So thank you JustDaisy. I have been doing this bow for quite a while and min never quite looked right. I've got the fold down and I use a GatorBite but it always folds in on itself and I could never figure out why??

Anyway, what I was doing was tying it off and tying toward the front of the bow. Apparently, you need to tie it off towards the back of the bow so when it folds, it faces down. DUH!!!! OMG, I just wanted to show you what my previous bows looked like and what it looks like now. WOW, big difference.

Thanks again JustDaisy! Oh, and I have like 2 or 3 sets of bow instructions I've bought and no one has ever said this before. Maybe it's obvious or maybe it's overlooked but it's an important step. Just wanted to share in case anyone else could benefit from this tip.

Top bow is my new bow and bottom is my previous bow.
Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to have to try this the next time I attempt to make one of these bows
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