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Default Re: Yep- Issue with Bottle Caps lol

Originally Posted by tinyt19784 View Post

aww you poor thing, your just not having any luck with them, i use the grill lighters.

We don't even have those lol. We just moved and moving companies won't let you take those things with you (especially from overseas). We only have the little ones so that my husband can burn the strings from his we have one in each vehicle lol. And nope, I am not having any luck with them.
I can't believe my resin started hardening...the ones on the bottlecap werent as hard as the one in the cup. And my cup started steaming! Guess plastic cups aren't the way to go cause it also crushed the sides in!? I just wasted 1/4 cup of that stuff (both)....I just ordered some resin drops, hopefully that will help me some.
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