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Default Re: Yep- Issue with Bottle Caps lol

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
Thanks......I truly believe you have the best bottlecaps out there
aww thanks =)

Originally Posted by JenniferM View Post
Well the reason I had saw dust was because they fell on the board my husband made for me which I guess didn't get dusted.
So I shouldn't put enough to go over the edges....hmmm....I am going to have to try really hard not to do that. I must use too much. So I am just supposed to use enough to get on the to try to do this again
yea i seen that but with et lite if they are not in a dust free area any lil dust in the air will find your caps!!! i put mine in a curio cabinet.

Originally Posted by JenniferM View Post
So I am beginning to think that Bottle caps are NOT my thing lol. I made way too much resin this time, the resin started hardening in the cup before i was even half way done...I think I took too much time or something. Well, then I stop and I was like I will just do half. Go to get the lighter to realize that my husband took my van which has the lighter in it! Gah. My neighbor is a smoker but isn't home for another hour...grr...maybe i should just do the drops lol.
aww you poor thing, your just not having any luck with them, i use the grill lighters.
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