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Default Yep- Issue with Bottle Caps lol

First off, I have just started buying my images cause i don't have a software or patience to make my own yet. Anyway, I have been printing them at home, no problem so far. I used the xylon sticker maker to make them into stickers to stick onto the bottlecap (unpainted, haven't really gotten good feedback on what is good to use besides acrylic and when I used it, it doesn't turn out pretty) anyway, so then I had my husband make me a stand to sit the caps on so that when i dumped the resin on it would drip down off the cap and not all in a pile (had that happen when I put it on a cookie sheet) so my first issue was I noticed that some of the resin got under the paper and is leaving a wet look. Second, why did my resin (et lite??) come out all bubbly...first time I did it, it was fine, second batch was reallllly bubbly. So as i am trying to work the bubbles up, my daughter came by and was looking, tripped on my board and dumped ALL 50 bottle caps, I was hoping they would still come out and work their way fine, but afterwards they are wasted, bubbles, dirt, saw dust from the garage lol....big mess.

Anyway, So last night, i reprinted all my images, cut and I am almost out of sticker paper so I decided to use the modge podge and blue them on and around the edge so that the resin doesn't slip through....Do you think this will work? Can I use modge podge and et lite together? How do I get it to not bubble? How do I make it to where the resin sets evenly and not more on one side?

Has anyone used the resin drops? How do they work? Are they better/easier? Why am I having so much trouble!
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