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Default Re: dimesional magic vs enviro tex

I mix my et lite with a craft stick (basically a Popsicle stick) and then drop it onto the bottle caps from there. I do not think et lite would work well with a squeeze bottle because it is very difficult to clean out. I wouldn't even try to clean it off anything because now I have et lite stuck on the bottom of my sink and can't get it off. I was able to get my et lite at michaels, I got the large amount 32 oz I believe and I was able to use a 40% off coupon on it. It was near the glass etching items and I believe the clay. I have never heard of the other stuff, sorry.

However I love et lite and the results it gets it looks so professional and you can do a lot of bottle caps with the 32 oz set, I would say well over 500 so it's worth the money if you can find it.
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