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Default Re: does anyone know how to make this neat bow?

Originally Posted by valchoo View Post
if i din scrutinize i would have thought they were 2 loops stacked. but then i saw the tails.

thanks cris, does yours look like that from the back? i saw your pinwheel. they are v v v neat!
No problem... just glad I could help someone out. Thanks for the compliment on my pinwheels and yes the back view of mine is exactly like the one pictured above, that's why I figured the one above was done this way. That "method" will also work on a lot of the basic type bows. It's also a nice way to make a bow with no tails... just cut the tails off as close to the middle as possible, seal the ends with fray check, and once the bow is placed on a clip it will pretty much hide the severed tails (depending on how thick the clip is). Then ta-dah NO TAILS
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