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Default Re: Does anyone know how to make these?

I have some instructions in a pdf that shows you how to do a lady bug, dragon fly, star, and do a weave. I can email it to you if you would like? Just let me know. There is a book at the library called "Make Your Own Hairwear" most librarys have it and it shows you how to do bead projects. As for the flower all you do is:

Slide you center bead on your beading wire first(I like pearl centers). Then depending on how large of a flower petal you want, slide on your beads. ( I usually use about 15-20 beads per petal) and then just count according to how many petals you want, like 4 or 5 petals. Once you have all your beads on the wire, separate the first petal and make a loop then tighten. Twist the petal to secure it. Keep doing this until all petals are made. Then bring your center bead ontop of flower adn twist the wire off onto flower.

Hope this makes sense.
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