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Default Re: How much to charge

Originally Posted by MistyMeadowW View Post
In my area I do the bows for our youth football program. I charge them $6.00 a bow. But they are not your typical cheer bow. Another league close by has cheer bows and they are paying $15.00 a bow and I have been told they fall apart. Plus they do not heat seal the ends of the bows. It drives me absolutely crazy when we are at a game or a cheer competition and I see bows are not heat sealed or falling apart!! I am sure I did not help you but I had to share my experience.
What you describe is why I started making bows myself. I was always fixing bows my DD came home with.

Ugh....what a mess some of them were. There were times she just brought home a length of ribbon to tie in her hair and we paid $5.00 for that. I was like are you kidding me?????
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