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Default Re: How much to charge

Originally Posted by zoesmommy27 View Post
We have a cheer team that is about 180 girls. They love my bows as the ones they have this year just are all falling apart. they are going to approach me about making them next year, right now they are three layer of ribbon, two loop tails hanging down bows. simple. how much would you quote. i dont want to over quote and not get the job but also dont want to be working for nothing...
When you say simple, is that like a straight grosgrain (maybe a layer or two)? I normally start a standard 2 1/4" grosgrain bow at $4.00. For each layer, I add $1.00.

If working with sequin or spandex, my flat rate, one color sequin 2 1/4" bow would start at $9.00 minimum. Each additional layer I add with sequins in $2.00 more. That normally covers my supplies and time.

I would not get into a per bow discount myself. I would give a discount on the entire total of the order. Maybe start at 5% for an order of $200 10% for $500 or more. That way, you're still making money, your gym is still getting a great deal, but you're not giving your product away.

That is just my opinion.
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