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Default Re: How to make bows????? I have answers!!!

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
I have the same problem with my bow folding up on me!!!!! I sew them like the NBNG tut says which ends at the bottom back. Then I take the thread from the bottom back and bring it up and around the top 2-3 times then I tie it off in the back. Am I wrapping the wrong way????? Should my thread start and end on the back???? Hope this makes sense!
Okay I think I know what you meant...and I think to fix your problem you need to do it backwards what they told you in the NBNG.

Originally Posted by str8shocked View Post
How many stitches do you use?

Originally Posted by cnielsen82 View Post
I have a question..well a few. How do you make your bows with 2 layers? Do you glue them together, use fabric tac, or just hold them together as you fold. I tried the glue and it was a mess. Also trying to sew with the 2 bows was nearly impossible!
I just hold them together as I fold.

Originally Posted by devilicious View Post
I would LOVE to see someone like you (who creates gorgeous twisted bows) make a short video clip of you folding a bow from beginning to end. That is my wish b/c then I would see how you hold the ribbon and where you place each new fold, how you tie/sew at the end etc... It would be awesome.
My tut is somewhat like a video because the pics are as detailed as possible to explain my steps exactly.

Originally Posted by CindyH67 View Post
I would like to know this too. How do you do two layers? Do you just hold them together or do you glue them?

Thanks for the help!! Love your bows!!
Hold them together!

Originally Posted by my2littlepixies View Post
Wow what a difference, how long ago were your first bows? I cant seem to get the crease right any advice? Is this free hand or do you use a template?
My first bows were from 3 years ago YIKES....I gave up for about 7 months and then started fresh.

I free hand. For the crease I think it is all in how you sew it!

Originally Posted by lfontaine View Post
I would love to know what method you use to make your twisted boutique bows? Figure 8? Crease & fold? I have SOOO much trouble getting all four loops even.

Your work is amazing!!
I use a combination of the two!

Originally Posted by CaKEGiRLiE327 View Post
Hey I was wondering how you get the ribbon to be 1 color on side and 1 color on the other side? Glue? Iron-on adhesive? I've tried it with just holding the ribbons together, and they flare out and are uneven. PLEASE HELP, LOL!
I hold together!


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