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Default Re: How much to charge

Originally Posted by korker2010 View Post
I'm not really good at giving quotes so I won't be able to help you much but like you said you don't want to be working for nothing. I would give them a reasonable price and remind them that they will be paying for quality as well and they won't fall apart like the other ones.
That's a very good point. I'm just starting out with bows but it amazes me how some people think something is quality when it's really CRAPPY! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I'm always afraid someone isn't going to like what I made/gave them so I try to go the extra 10 miles, but in reality it's always better than anything they would have gotten from anyone else.

As far as quotes, I would say not less than $5 per bow since the girls probably pay for them themselves. $5 is nothing really, especially if it's going to get them through the entire season. People also don't realize how expensive supplies are.
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