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Default Re: How much to charge

Here's what I would do.

Make one. As you make it, take measurements, etc to figure your materials cost. Then take into account how much time it takes you to make the bow itself. Obviously when making in assembly line fashion, you will be quicker, but this will at least give you a guide.

Then, take your materials cost x 2. then dependent on how much time it takes you, (say 10-20 minutes) to assemble the bow, figure out your time cost. (I figure my hourly rate base as $20/hour)

So, say your materials cost is $1 x 2 = $2
Time 15 min @ $20/hr = $5
Total retail = $7
NOW, since you will be making over 180 bows, you can offer a discount since assembly line fashion with cut your time down, so you can round down to say $5-$6
These are my calculations, figuring on the bigger cheer bows I have seen. I don't personally make them, so use your own judgement, this is just a basic guideline I use.
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