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Default Re: Double layered tutu

I'm going to try to explain this... let me know if it doesn't make sense...

1) Cut your tulle strips whatever length you would normally.
2) Hook them together at both of their midpoints (like- make a + out of them and then pull both ends of one color one way and both ends of the other color the other way... sheesh-did that make sense?)
3) Put the joined part at the BACK side of your elastic, then knot it on the front, making sure your colors are the same direction each time.

So, if you used red and green, all your red would be on top all your green would be on bottom... so you'd just flip it over.

I think I saw this as a "how to make and extra full tutu" tutorial, or something (because it gives you 4 pieces of tulle per knot instead of the usual 2)... years ago (I haven't made a tutu in at least 2 years).

Sincerely HTH!!! Let me know. MK
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