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Default Re: Those hairbows that are two colors??

Whatever size bow you want to make, take the length of the ribbon and divide that by 4. Let me do a simple math as I am NOT good at math! Take 4 x4=16. Ok, so your ribbon length is 16". Now, what you want to do is take 4" and add 1/4" (approx). The first section of ribbon will now be 4 1/4". Take your next section (which is a different color) and cut that 4 1/4". And do that using four different colors. Ok, does that make sense? Now, take your first section and overlap that 1/4" onto the next piece. And continue until all pieces have been glued. Just use a small dab of glue. I use fabritac. Now follow your basic procedure for the base bow. When you make your folds, you will have four colors on each bow corner.
fyi, I normally use 28" for a 4" bow. And without a calculator in front of me, I can't even begin to tell you what the exact measurements are. But you want 4 equal cuts. And simply add 1/4" to each cut. That way you have 1/4" to overlap to the other piece.
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