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Default Re: Jeana, Lynn, and other "big bow" please!

OMG.....those bows are awesome!

Originally Posted by jmd1979 View Post
LOL! Recipes and Formulas! If we didn't know why we were here we may mistake it for Science or cooking!!

Jen those bows are very pretty!! I LOVE the Rose bow! I don't think I'll ever get that one down!!

Here is my Recipe/formula for an aproximate 4 1/2 inch from spike to spike bow

Base= 30in 1 1/2in wide ribbon. I fold mine using the butterfly fold.

Spikes= If you are just starting out try using just 4 strips of 7/8in and 1 peice of 1 1/2 ribbon cut to about 5in give or take a few. It is always better to have too much rather than not enough as you can always trim later. I fold each peice to crease the center to make sure they are even on all sides. Crease just like you would a normal bow and tie sew or wire what ever you may do. I have tried it all and honestly there is not one way I like better than the other. I like a variety! LOL! That way I don't get bord Once you get the spikes down it is so much fun to add lots of different widths.

Loopies/Surounds= I use 2 10-12in peices of 3/8 inch ribbon. Fold each one in half to crease center. Then I glue the ends to the middle to make sort of a figure 8 do this to each peice then glue one on top of the other. Again once you get this down it is fun to add more loops.

Topper= 22-25inch of 7/8in ribbon folded again with the butterfly fold.

I am not sure I am that great at explaining things so sorry if I confuse anyone. If you would like me to try to explain anything with pictures I would love to help out in anyway I can. Just let me know All in all I think you just need to play around until you find what formula/recipe works best for you. It's all trial and error.

Here are som examples using this formula

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