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Default Re: Photography trade terms???

Ok i dont know from a photographers POV, but I am a professional blogger and we do review products all the time.

Generally its just a flat trade. Someone offers me an item and i decide if that item holds as much value as what I am giving in return. So for me, its advertising and my time to talk the pictures and talk about the product, right?

The dollar value is less important to me as the actual value the item has to me in my life. its hard to explain.

If someone has an outfit lets say they sell for $50 and i know i can offer $50 in advertising on my site/time to take the shots, etc. then i may find it a good trade if i want that otufit. If they offer a $2 hairbow, but its going to take me an hour to take pics, upload them, write an article, and advertise and its worth $100, i may ask for atleast $15 in bows to make it more worth my time.

So its not always the exact value but personal value.
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