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Default Re: How to make hairbows stiff..baking method?

Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
I usually only starch my korkers - and those I let air dry while they hang upside down because (1) I seem to have problems with them scorching and (2) they come out puffier while drying upside down.

I starched and baked some big boutique bows on Wednesday and the starch left blotches on my bows when they were done - even though the whole bow was wet when I put it in the oven. I'm wondering if I didn't shake the diluted starch enough before I sprayed it? On the upside, they did not scorch and the glue did not melt (I baked them at 250 for 13 minutes).
its amazing how we all have our own ways! I havnt tried starch yet but ive heard amazing things about it! I just bake mine then as soon as they come out i spray a little unsented hair spray then i spray it again as soon as its completly cooled down
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