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Default Dumb question, but I'm a rookie, so have mercy...

I have a bow that I made that I am going to consider a pinwheel bow. It's one of my first ones, so it's by no means perfect. But it's not too bad, lol. Anyway, I made it to be about 3 inches, and I have lined a 1 3/4 alligator the bow too big for the clip? I am new to alligator clips--I started learning with french clips so I have no idea. And, if it will work, how the heck do I attach it?

Like I said, I have the bow made, have the clip ready. I just don't know how to attach the big bow to the clip. Also, when you use the rubbery shelving paper for no-slip, is that your last step in putting the bow together, or should I have done it sooner? And about how much do I put on there?

thank you in advance. I am sure you will all get sick of my questions, now that I have came out of lurkdom, lol

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