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Default Re: How to make bows????? I have answers!!!

LOL! First, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR COMPLEMENTS! The other day I found one of my first bows(from 3 yrs ago) and I stared at it for 1 hr thinking is this really mine???? NO, COULDN't be?? How did I, where did I.....ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! LOL!

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
Your bows are beautiful! Every time you post I drool! So, do you use a template or free hand for your twisted? What about your surround loops? Cut to the same size as your bow?
I free hand! I have never used templates. My surround loops I actually take the ribbon and actually around each loop and glue as I go. This is the best method for me. I do not precut any ribbon for surround loops.

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
I have two questions, how do you not get your bows to fold up and collapse onto each other? Mine always tends to want to bend in? I've tugged and pulled but still collapse in? Sometimes I get it but most of the time they bend? Making sense on this one?
And then if you free hand (I've been using templates), how do you know how to measure the surrounds? I have the surround template but it only comes in two sizes and then if I use my other templates for bows the surrounds don't fit. I wish the surrounds came in various sizes cuz making it with the template is easy.
Sorry for being long winded.
Your bows might be collapsing in because when you make sew them, tie them you are holding the bow backwards instead of rightup, so you thread or wire is pushing them in instead of out.

I answered the surround question above!

Originally Posted by txmom0410 View Post
My daughter would freak out over the hello kitty one lol it is too cute!! Great job. Do you freehand them? Wish I could find cute buttons too, I have trouble and none of stores really carry anything cute grrr
The button is actually a resin or you can use an applique, we host buy on here for them or you can find them on ebay or etsy.

Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
love your work!!! id like to know the same thing asked earlier. also what statch do you use??
I do not starch...I use hair spray and my blowdryer. Usually if you make the bow exactly how it is suppose to be made you do not even have to shape, just spray and dry. Occasionally I bake.

Keep asking and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

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