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Default Re: Christmas Clippies Question

Originally Posted by marshmallowkidsdesigns View Post
Where is the best place to get Christmas-themed (or even winter-themed) hair bow/clippie instructions? I'm looking at YCMT, but wanted to know what you ladies recommended first before actually buying anything. I also am going to be getting a few spools of ribbon in different colors and widths, but don't want to purchase colors and widths that I wouldn't be using right away (to cut down on clutter in my sewing room).

I'm trying to get some things made to send down to my parents in TX, since they are participating in a craft fair on November 22 and have said that Im more than welcome to send stuff down for them to sell on my behalf. My mom also said that the Christmas-themed clippies, as well as some "general purpose" (non-seasonal) bows in different sizes would probably do the best.


Did you ever find out where to get these instructions? I would really love to find them, too. Thanks!
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