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Default Re: Wayyyy easier than epoxy!!

Originally Posted by jenniferg1002 View Post
Actually, it gets easier :-) I use mailing labels...the big ones, print them on there and stick them to the bottlecap or circles i'm using. No glue, no sealer, just the glaze :-) And the mailing labels look just as nice as the photo paper :-)
that is such a smart idea! sounds so obvious hah but i would of never thought of it!

and your bows are too cute.. i looked at your myspace page too..
showed my sister who is 23 and has *never* been a pinky girly girl lol and she looved your bows
she IMing me now "you gotta try to make me some!!" lol im saying "YOU?? you want to wear a clip in your hair??!" hahah
so to say the least.. i am very much so impressed!

* Elizabeth *

Taylor 2 1/2 & Bubbie 1
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