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Default Re: Any Idea how to make this cheer bow?

Originally Posted by Materialgirlbowtique View Post
It looks like 2 different sections to me... I need help!!! Fast!
You are absolutely right. It is two separate sections. The solid section is Metallic Spandex (called Mystic). The other section is also spandex. The Mystic mention before and an animal print spandex. They are available at some fabric shops. However, I find that, and all carry a wide variety of spandex material and usually have what I am looking for and for less.

The cutout on the solid side is done by machine (sizzix). I do not have one so I am not exactly sure how it works. I believe that I remember someone mentioning they did theirs with a cookie cutter and cut them out by hand.

The wave on the other side is done using a template (for consistency). There is no tutorial as far as I know, you just have to try and work at it until you're happy with the wave. Once done, I believe someone mentioned they they went to a glass shop and had templates cut using plexi glass.

I have not done either of the things I mentioned, I am just sharing the info that I found on this forum to make it easy for you.

Hope that helps. Good Luck!
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