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Default Re: I need ribbon sculpture help

Originally Posted by crystal052605 View Post
what...mrs sculpture queen needs help with a

i make my snowmen like that.
i cut 5 strips of ribbon 4 1/2 in. long. stack them on a needle (like you would if sewing a korker) spread them out evenly, and then start putting the ends of the ribbon onto the needle. when all ends are done tie off.

i know it didn't really explain that good, but i can take pics if you want.
Hehehe! I love you, Crystal. You are da bomb! If you'd let me I want to make you an Ally Alligator for helping me. Your snowman is the cutest and I love that you made him with a whole body and not just the head. Love, love, love it! If you want me to make you something else besides Ally let me know. Woohoo!
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