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Default Re: Poodle Skirt?

Originally Posted by saldanaaa View Post
Okay so I know this is very off topic, but you ladies are so talented and I thought I would ask if any of you have made a poodle skirt? If you have can you give me some advise on doing this? I know it looks so easy, but I am HORRIBLE at sewing!!! This is for my 6 year old daughters, FATHER DAUGHTER SOCK HOP!!!

I sewed one for my 6 year olds sock hop at school. I bought the pattern and the little poodle from hancocks. Sewing the skirt is not hard at all, but the waistband is a little tricky and I just used fabric tac for the trim for the poodle. My advice, if you don't sew check on ebay. I believe you can get one for around 10 dollars plus shipping.
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