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Default Re: Is there a market for bows for Dogs?

I make and sell dog bows at my dog grooming spa and boutique...

If a groomer is using bows on the female dogs they typically get cheapr bows that really only last the client for one-two days (the bow gets ratty and people take it out...if the bow stays fresh then the client leaves it in forever and the dog returns with a big mat attached to a bow...)

I also buy 100 for $22, small elastic for easy attachment...typically bery stiff ribbon that frays easily...

Now for retail bows...small about 2" is the favorite size, I use a french barrette, red, pink and purple are my #1 colours...

Look up yorkie show bows and they will give you an idea of what people really like...they are handsewn and stiffened.

Call groomers with dog boutiques, some will only buy maybe 24 or so to see how vclients react...I find that clients will buy one...but not often more then that because they have already dropped $50+ for just the grooming...but those who buy for their dogs are big time repeat clients.

Also look at independently owned dog boutiques. Vet usually do not carry too much fou-fou retail...

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