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Default Is there a market for bows for Dogs?

Hi all! I recently attended a large craft show in my hometown- It was a 3 day outside fair. I could not believe how well we did! But it seemed like I had several people that were inquiring about bows for thier dogs. I had never thought of that. I actually had a few ladies buy my hard headbands- I think they were going to attach them to the dogs collars for pictures! I worked as a vet assistant for years and I have connections as far as groomers are concerned. My question is... Do you all think that there would be a good market for dog bows? I have called a few of the groomers that I know today and I'm waiting on calls back. I was thinking about wholesaling them to groomers. I have no idea on the pricing but I just thought that I'd throw my thoughts out there! People are crazy about making their dogs look good in my town! I don't understand it! But I have always had male dogs that are HUGE golden retrievers! I have never had a smaller dog like a poodle or a maltese! But I know that I do take my dogs in for grooming frequently- bath and trimming and the groomer always puts a bow on his collar... even if it's just a bow to match the season or upcoming holidays. Once, I took my dog in to be groomed the day before my scheduled induction with my first born and they put a bow that said "welcome, baby!" on his collar... I thought that was cool! But I'm not crazy about bows on my boy dogs... but I think the smaller dogs with bows are cute. Any thoughts on marketing, pricing, or if this is really worth my time?
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