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Default Re: Separating ribbon in a loopy bow?

Originally Posted by mkmedeal View Post
I ALWAYS ran into that problem!!! To help the ones you've already done, pull the loops CRAZY-HARD-FAR apart; then twist each one around at least 180 degrees. Tracking? If it will stay like that (not pretty, I know) let it sit for a few hours, or over night. Then you can untwist the loops and try shaping it how you want... I'd definitely starch or spray it if it looks like it'll keep the shape long enough for it to dry.

Are you wrapping it to the clip? Using thread or wire? For thread, you might could dampen the thread some and then try tugging the loops apart and shaping your bow. The problem (at least for me) was that I was wrapping my ribbon too tight, thinking it would make it more secure. SO- the last ones I made, I didn't wrap SO tightly initially. Then I pulled my loops apart (making sure they were apart at the base- closest to the clip); not really shaping it yet. THEN I re-wrapped the whole thing TIGHTLY, making sure to keep the loops apart. Then shaped the bow. If it looked good, I'd hot glue the FIRE out of the back of the clip, before I finished lining it. I only made these on french clips, and only for dd; so if the back of the clip was a little lumpy I let it go... it's hard to see anyway with the tension bar in place.

SO... there's my novel on trying to get a decent loopy bow. Sorry it's so long, but I hope it helped at least a little!

No need to apologize lol! I need all the help I can get

This is what the bottom looks like..

Is this what it should look like from the side?

I tried pulling the loops on the one I did but I can't get them to turn 180 degrees (maybe I wrapped it too tightly?) I did use thread to wrap it to the barrette.

Does it look right to you? Is this what it's supposed to look like? As soon as I took the photo and picked it back up, they all scooted back in line behind one another

I'll try separating them again.

What should I spray it with? I've never done that before. Thank goodness I only make these for my granddaughter! lol I'd never be able to mass produce these!

((Thanks for all your help ))
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