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Default Re: Help! Zebra cheer bow bonding issues...

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
thanks for the help, I ironed it a little longer before I asked, but still wasn't sticking too well. I ended up using heat n bond ultra and it works just fine! (although makes folding very tough) I appreciate the input, i'll post pictures when I get my camera working.
It's funny, I almost think I know exactly which zebra ribbon you're talking about. I bought some from RABOM. It was very flexible, and had a different feel to it. Unlike Schiff ribbon. I ended up using hot glue, but I had another sequin layer to put over that.

In a perfect world, ribbon companies would use the same brand ribbon they always do so that you know what you're getting when it comes in. Too bad it never quite works out that way.

Sorry to hear you had such problems, but glad they worked out.

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