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Default Re: Why oh why do I have soooo much trouble with hot glue!

I tried the surebonder glue too and also had the same problem with it. I bought a new surebonder hot glue gun, the one with the fine tip point on the end. And also the surebonder "hot" glue. That glue was just as bad as the cloudy Walmart glue sticks. I could pull my ribbon right off the clip.

Does Aleene's make a hot glue stick? I'm not sure that I've ever seen it. I haven't had any problems with the Ad-tech multi-temp glue sticks, as long as they are the clear sticks.

Originally Posted by sara_m View Post
I'd had the same problem. I had a *ton* of cheap glue sticks from Walmart that I finally used up a few weeks ago - they had always held up really well. I then bought some more and they were cloudy and had a funny smell, then I discovered I could pull my ribbon off the alli clip, which I could never do before. I was panicking. I then tried Surebonder glue - it also didn't have a great hold. Finally I tried Aleene's, and I love it. Nice strong hold and dries nice and clear .
Originally Posted by BellaBowsBoutique View Post
Maybe it's your gun? I have a high temp surebonder gun and use only high temp surebonder glue sticks and it bonds really well.
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