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Default Re: Is this normal?

I'm pretty easy to please... and I am very understanding but I received some flowers that i desperately needed for a show and got them 3 days into the 5 day show and they were smooshed, smashed, missing petals, stones, and i was missing about 15 flowers I guess I have been lucky because all of my flowers I have gotten which is way over 1000 have been in great shape I got some of them from KHOFKAMP? i think thats her name on here... but I sent this newest order back because of the shape they were in plus they were NOT the flowers I chose from the color chart and I was not informed they were going to be different flowers... these were not from khofkamp... but I don't have time to readjust things... I hate complaining but I don't think I should have to fix something I just bought..
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