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Default Re: Is this normal?

Thank you ladies. They do have a rhinestone already glued on, I am going to have to pry it off and try to steam or blowdry to fix them. The green plastic is still on the back though. And I think they just came that way, they were still in the cellophane bag that they obviously come from the supplier in. This is only my second time buying flowers. The first place I got them from they were not crushed at all. But they obviously had taken them and glued them all together already. Still learning.

ETA: Again thank you! The steam is taking too long for me but blow drying seems to work perfectly! You should have seen me this morning, when I opened the package I was having a panic attack on how bent they were, LOL. Now they are perfect. And the zebra fabric is really quite beautiful, once they are shaped right! Thanks for helpin' a newbie out.
~~ Dana

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