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Question Help! Zebra cheer bow bonding issues...

hey there,
I need a little help with a cheer bow. I purchased some new zebra ribbon from a different retailer than usual. It looks like they had their own pattern printed onto solid ribbon, because it's like no other zebra i've worked with (and I thought I had tried everyone's!). The problem that i'm having is this: it's printed on white ribbon, which nixes using E6000, because I can see the lines of glue clearly through theribon. iI've tried HnB lite, but...IT'S NOT STICKING!!! OMG! What's the problem with this dang ribbon? It peeled right off the solid offray. I have a strong feeling the zebra is printed on YAMA ribbon, it's soft, pliable and smooth feeling - just like YAMA. I don't want to use HnB ultra, because I have another sequin layer to glue on top of the zebra, and am afraid that it will be near impossible to fold then... If you make cheer bows, you know what I mean, like so stiff your fingers hurt after making 2 or 3!
thanks so much for your input, my brain is fried right now.
Did I say I love making these bows?? I do, I really do!
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