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Default I got the bottle cap blues...

I decided to try my hand at bottle caps. UGHHHHHH. If you just want the questions.. skip to the end of the post lol.

Issue 1: I did my first batch (with the image on the outside of the caps) andd I thought they turned out beautifully. They had no bubbles and the ET Lite was flawless not sticky or anything. I started putting the split rings on them (I'm using them for necklaces) and realized that the resin didn't go all the way over the image and onto the cap a bit. So, essentially they peeled right off effortlessly. I used modge podge to attach the image (I had them printed onto phtopaper at walgreens) and thought I did a good job really coating it. But the image still doesn't get completely "flush" with the cap. So I learned my lesson and tried a second batch. This time I pulled the resin over the edge of the image and onto the bottle cap edge itself. But this was super hard to do because there isn't a lot of "flat" cap showing. Resin ended up running down the side of my caps!!!

So at this point I was pissed and irritated. A whole bunch gone to waste. So I peeled them all off so I could atleast reuse the caps themselves.

Issue 2: I thought, well... I'll solve this problem, I'll put them on the inside!! So I looked up how to remove the liner. My caps came from the store here on HG and have a white liner. Andddddd they will not come out. I boiled them. They will come out this way, but not without a huge fight. Then I tried a candle warmer. NOTHING. I thought that maybe it wasn't hot enough. So I tried on the stove top in a pan. This worked but they wouldn't do anything until they were so hot they melted. This was super duper messy to try and scrape out the white goo and left residue and a bumpy uneven surface to work with...

So I quess my questions are how do I put it on the outside of the cap and it NOT peel off or have the resin run down the side either???


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