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Default Re: Please don't laugh at me...but what can you do with bottlecaps and how?

I've only made a few but when I did make them. I used the same glue that the lady above me mentioned but I used a small paint brush to brush it on, so it's even and doesn't leave drips on it and then I placed my image on top of it, you only have a few sec. to move it around to place it perfectly on there and to make sure all the edges are pushed down and its placed nicely on there. Then I let it sit for awhile just to make sure its fully dry. They have plastic caps you can put on them to make sure that the images doesnt get worn off easily.

Also a little tip that I use on my bigger bows, they have them at the dollar tree's ect... they're little floor protectors that you put on the bottom of chairs, well it fits in the back of the bottle cap perfectly and you can't see it, and it gives the bottle cap an even bottom to place on the bow.

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