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Default Re: cheer bow help

My squads are not competition squads. This is what I do.

I use Heat and Bond LITE (yes there is a difference!!!)

I fuse the HNB to the fabric then cut into strips to match the ribbon, iron onto the ribbon.

Then this is what I do because my squads like the tails "free", I cut strips of heat and bond where the loops are. So for a bow with ribbon that is 28 inches long, leave 7 inches on each side where the tails are and only do the heat and bond in the center (14 inches) and fuse the layers together.

Then fold the bow. The loops are together and firm but the tails are free to flop as the girls jump and cheer. I have 10 schools that I do right now and they all prefer it this way. I always have samples of both styles so the teams choose their preference. I'm getting ready to make some cheer samples for a meeting I have this weekend. If this is too confusing I can try to take some pictures.
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