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Default Re: cheer bow help

Originally Posted by e2420lisa View Post
i tried heat bond and it made my ribbon stiff as a board. what's stitch witch?
I second the stiff cheer bow. When being used for competition purposes most squads want their bows stiff.

If your friend does not want the bows to be too stiff, I would suggest using E6000 glue to put the ribbons together. It is really stinky, but holds great without the stiffness.

If using a light colored base ribbon, I would suggest the heat n bond. E6000 does bleed through light colored ribbon and makes the back of your bow look like a greasy line going down the center of your base ribbon.

Another option is to use heat in bond on the loopy parts of your bow but leave the tails floppy. It's not my preference, but I know a cheer bow website who sells their bows that way.
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