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Default Re: school uniform bows

Originally Posted by DixieGirlBows View Post
It's law here for all schools to have uniforms and I hate it. But I don't care if my girls bows match. they wear whatever bow they want since that's the ONLY way to show their personalities. However I have done some with green,tan and white (they wear khaki bottoms and green or white shirts and the plaid is more green) I also went and snagged the mascot or school symbol from the schools website and put it on botlecaps. And definately korkers!! Good luck! HTH

This is exactly what my girls did before we moved (no uniforms now, YIPPEE!) They wore whatever bows they wanted, We had a huge variety. All kinds of characters, holidays, seasons, etc. It was the one way for the girls to show who they really were.

If you have to stick to uniform colors make a variety....korkers, pinwheels, stacked.....Good Luck.
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