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Default Re: Got a question bout bottle cap images

Originally Posted by lilysmama View Post
i recently got into making bottle cap images myself. have sold a few on my etsy. but i dont list anything that has a known tradmark. like mickey mouse, tinkerbell etc.
i have read on here that etsy does monitor what you post. and if you violate the rules the more chances of you being banned from their site.
i do however post my images that i dont list on my etsy on my fb or myspace. but havent sold any yet.
i dont list these big names because i dont want to lose my account with etsy. but alot of people do it anyway. i guess they think their chances of getting caught are slim. or a slap on the wrist once you violate the first time.
Thanks. The images I use come from websites that give permission to use their images. So I wonder if that is ok. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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