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Default Re: felt padded appliques??

hahahah......someone beat me too it! I was looking for the exact same thing!!!

I see a ton of cute felt appliques and thought I might try to make the odd one or two by hand (kinda sick of making korkers for the moment).

I brought some felt sheets from Hobby Lobby (not the thickest or best quality by any means) and a couple of spools of thread and was just going to 'experiment'. I would love to know if there are any 'templates' out there, or if any of the ladies does not mind sharing??? (you can PM me if you prefer). I am going to be doing this old school tho', no sewing machine or any other gadgets and I usually use alli clips

Are most of the felt appliques padded?. I see for example the flower kind with a button in the middle is not. What type of material is used for the stitching wool, emb floss? Soooo many questions I know, sorry!! Wanted to try my hand at making them.

Well I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say.
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