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Default Re: Copyright infringement.

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
Some of you may have seen this on "another board." I won't go into specifics and name names. But I will give you a scenario just to get your input.

Someone took my photo. They found it on the internet and downloaded it onto their computer and showed it to their customer to sell bows. They now have an order for 30 bows. They posted on the "other board" that they don't know how to make the bows and now they need to know how.

I know that this is copyright infringement. She had no right to take my photo, period. However, I am really shocked that people are saying something to ME in HER defense. Nobody has said anything to her about it. It makes me feel like the bad guy for standing up for my own rights.

Is what she did ethically correct in your opinion?
I'm relatively new here... what is the "other board?" Please PM me if it can't be posted here.

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