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Default Re: Copyright infringement.

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
Just to clarify for my own sanity! It is considered copyright infrigement if someone posts a pic on here of someone elses design asking for help with either what it is called or how to make it???? I have posted a couple links to awesome items that I absolutely love! Asking members if it is a particular type of bow and such. If this is infrigement I apoligize and will remove all the links I have posted!
Technically if you post the photo here without permission, you are using the photograph without the owner's permission and are violating copyright laws. But it is kind of an unspoken rule within our little bow making society that we all do that and it is generally accepted. Posting a link to a photo is totally acceptable and actually helps bump their store up in Google ranks so anyone that would complain about that is crazy!
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